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once upon a time

Chika Qu was born on a sim in Second Life. There she sits forgotten, no where to go, and no one to talk to. That is what happens, when time goes by, and another life is forgotten. Someone gets left behind.

Be free of your attachments. If you are obsessed with doing something in only a certain way, it narrows your choices. Keep your options open and be flexible.

Perfect Liberty 11.2017


virtual art by Q http://www.secondlife.com

Comments on: "once upon a time" (11)

  1. Nick Vrtis said:

    This is so sad. A forgotten person. Just so so sad.

  2. Both sad and compassionate

  3. My Second Life person is also alone and abandoned. I imagine her having much more fun than she did when I was inhabiting her.

    • the creativity in SL brings me back from time to time, I like exploring and capturing virtual builds… glad to know you traveled the same “world”

  4. Reminds me of Taegu, South Korea, circa 1969!

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