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Sunday greeting

ice sculpture -Ottawa

Before everyone starts to panic, that is not from this year. OK take a deep breath, breathe in slowly, and then exhale. Snow that came, most of it is now gone, we have had lovely weather. In fact for most of the summer, and fall, I thought the weather was really a pleasure.

In my recollections of last winter, I found it to be rather fun and easy to deal with, except for the odd storm that kept everyone in and off the roads. Dressed properly Canadian winters can be exciting and beautiful. Stop trying to find my bio to see what planet I’m from, I live under the same sky you do, and I get rained, snowed on, just like you. Difference is I don’t let the weather determine whether or not I am having a good day or not.

It is a blessing to be busy. Enjoy being busy and continue to seek more work. Being busy is God’s way of showing you that you are loved.

Perfect Liberty 2016,18

In winter, when I had to be at work for 8, if there was a storm I would leave really early to avoid getting caught in the rush. One year I remember X country skiing to the hospital so I would be there on time. I loved the challenges of my work, and I felt alive making my way to work, skiing along snow packed roads, and past stalled vehicles.

Years later, after I retired from the hospital, I was working downtown in an HR capacity. Travel was slow from the Quebec side to downtown Ottawa if there was snow or other traffic delays. So I left my vehicle at home and began walking, to and from, no matter the weather. It was exhilarating and excellent for the health and fitness part of my life.

Life is what we make it, YOU decide if it will be a good day or not.


Comments on: "Sunday greeting" (14)

  1. Back in the ’80s I ran through nine miles of snow to reach a group of Senior Probation Officers’ support group I was facilitating. I was the only one who made it 🙂

  2. A most inspiring post!

  3. Life is always beautiful, regardless of the weather – good on you for pointing it out. I remember living a half mile from one of my jobs and always walked, even in sub-freezing weather, in a skirt and heels!

    • yes ..!… we were going to work and that was that… today, (my opinion) is we are teaching a generation of young people .. if it snows, rains or.. the buses are late.. no school, they get to stay home. had to pause here. was going to delete last part.. but no.. its to you. and I think you are on the same page in many instances..

  4. Beautiful Art! Unfortunately, because of dramatic weather changing we cannot enjoy that kind of Art here in Toronto anymore.

  5. well then..go for it… you will get some lovely pictures along the canal. If you skate Dows Lake, that is the park where in spring all the tulips are. As you know.. there is a lot to see in the Ottawa area.

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