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sugar coated world

Live in the moment. Whether you are walking, having a conversation, or having a good time, it is important to be fully engaged. Remember to live in the “now”

Perfect Liberty 2017.10

I love the last few days. The weather is just cold enough to keep the sugar coating on the trees. Driving through wooded areas, the views were spectacular. Mother Nature is really a master at her craft.

You are the sunshine in life. Smile. It becomes you so.


Comments on: "sugar coated world" (10)

  1. Great pics! I wonder what the trees think of all that frosting….

    • hi good morning, they love the feeling of beauty. they are being noticed for their sculptured selves, they are not hidden by leaves. =^_^=

  2. Gorgeousness. Be well my friend.

    • Thank you, I hope the weather changes have been kind to you.. may you and your family be blessed with much happiness this season.

  3. We don’t have any yet. You have reproduced the beauty

    • Good morning Derrick.. it is a sight we can only enjoy during this season…Worth the wait. What has Jackie got cooking. Her meals always sound so tempting… Hugs to you both..

  4. I love it when the snow is on the trees and ground, but not on the roads! So beautiful, yet safe for traveling.

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