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red poll

isn’t this the most adorable of birds

I have Kevin Baldelli to thank for patiently standing in the cold for hours today to get this picture. He is a gem! I first saw this bird the other day, I was told that she was a hoary red poll by a birder who was at the site when I caught a glimpse of this bird. She was alone, and stood out from the other birds at the feeders. Kevin is very efficient, he got this picture and a few others, this is the one I am using today I just was so pleased when I saw it. He also looked the bird up and after careful perusal of the information determined it was a common red poll. I don’t really care about her name (I don’t even know if she is a she, but I am so taken with her, it doesn’t matter. My many thanks to Kevin for this picture and the others he has taken, which I will share with you later. =^_^=

To see more of Kevin’s work , you can check out his Instagram …

Change your mind, thinking “it will be alright” do the best you can without being overly attached.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

I am finding that it is therapeutic to spend time outdoors watching and listening to the birds. How about you? Have you taken up any new interests over the past weeks/months.??


Comments on: "red poll" (4)

  1. Less direct communing with nature, but I have plenty of archive material on which to focus.

  2. Redpolls are lovely little birds – we see them only occasionally during irruptive years.

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