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Thursday doors and

How to lead a happy healthy life? Why do we become ill? Why do we become unhappy. In PL we learn that much of what occurs, conflicts, accidents, stem from our negative mental habits, such as anger, haste, worry or grief. We don’t realize that when something happens, it is usually due to our own actions/thoughts.

We have 21 Precepts, and 21 Principles to help us in attaining our full human potential. Our goal, individual freedom and World Peace.

Let’s respond clearly. Giving a proper response shows consideration towards others.

Prefect Liberty 2021.28

PL Precept #1 Life is Art.

1 of 21 Precepts.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature, you can find more doors by visiting this site.https://nofacilities.com/2021/01/28/trinity-church-et-al-thursday-doors/

Comments on: "Thursday doors and" (13)

  1. Noodles and fish looks yummy, and I too pray for World Peace

    • I thought noodles would be noodles, but since being back, I have yet to taste the same as I did in Japan.. Mind you I was spoiled there .. i ate on the PL grounds.. meals were cooked by experts..

  2. You have a nice selection of doors, but I think I’m drawn to the noodles – I love noodles!

  3. Very cool doors, China. What great memories to look back on. Hugs on the wing.

    • I would go back to Japan in a heartbeat.. except for .. the travelling time to get there.. it is now just out of reach.. the food there was beyond words.. I have not found the same since being back home.

  4. Junie-Jesh said:

    Coming from Thurs. Doors …. The first image makes me laugh. Have lived long enough with a carpenter to know that the owners “forgot” to add the outside wall! Sorry to hear you are in lockdown! Hope you can still walk through your neighborhood for doors …or?

  5. I like the photo through the round window and I’d love some udon if you have extra.


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