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It’s Okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point, its important what you do from

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

Ana, Luzia, Claudia . Vera, Cristine, Francisa, Bene, Paulo, Jane, Lena, Shirley, Rosangela, Edneia, Maria, Elaine, Nancy, Marcio, Telma, Giuseppe, Sueli, Cleide, Cida, =^_^=

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    • good morning Dan .. you on lock down where you are?

      • We are free to move about, but outside our state is restricted. Restaurants are open at 50% capacity. Some museums are open. Bars are closed, unless they are part of a restaurant. Even then, they have limited seating. Some churches are holding in-person services. Some are remote. Schools are back to in-person.

  1. Excellent photo shoot summarized by that squirrel.

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