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Keven took this, it is soooo full of expression I had to use it this morning. (male Grosbeak)

Instead of worrying do something about it. It doesn’t help to over think situations such as, What if this happens? or, “Things might end up that way” Instead be proactive and change how you see and do things in each situation.

Perfect Liberty 2019.3

Spending time with the birds means I get to see that they are not just a pretty face, they do have their own personalities within their “circle”. I don’t know how long you had to stand there to get this shot Kevin but thank you for sending it to me, its wonderful. This little guy is having his say….good on him. The other day when they were gathering to dine, they were very vocal that day… other days.. I don’t hear a “peep”.. not like the Blue Jays, who love to call out and shout to one and all.

Actually.. my new friends the crows are very good at vocalizing as well. Smiles to self, another “language” to learn..

On that note, I have noticed that we have many different readers now from all over the globe. Welcome! I am enjoying the introduction to the many new languages (to me) that are now part of my world, thank you for introducing me to your “culture” words and colourful stories /pictures.

female Grosbeak

Cheers everyone, have a great Tuesday… wherever you are.


Kevin Baldelli wildlife photographer

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  1. Great article and amazing blog

  2. A yellow bird chirping with an attitude

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