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This little guy was not going to give, not an inch. fresh sunflower seeds, peanuts .. come on give me a break woman, no way am I going to let you chase me away.

Such was the dialog I had with little ms. uppity here. I had not been to Mer Bleue for a bit, so after Dewberry, I went to see how things were .. I had food for the crows and now I think grackles… Today was the opposite of other times, there were more birds, and a good variety at Mer Bleue… while Dewberry was quiet.

when I was leaving the ground you see here was full of birds, doves, blue jays, black birds, everyone was wanting the fresh seeds.
these two vagabonds were all over the place causing havoc , the one above on the tree, was not with these two.

Pl Precept #17 Grasp what is most essential Capte el punto central

Perfect Liberty Precepts. (21) Preceptos de PL

Comments on: "you are NOT scaring me off" (8)

  1. Such amazing pictures you got. I don’t know how people can say animals don’t have personalities. 🙂

  2. Red squirrels are cheeky little devils!

    • I wish I could remember their fur colour during the winter.. they seem to be more reddish now… but yes I agree, cheeky is a good word.. waves a sleepy goodnight your way… hope you have nice weather for the coming long week-end.

  3. Some good shots here. Woodpeckers are rare sightings for us

    • HI Derrick, someone was telling me that the woodpeckers have been known to eat out of your hand… I wish. the ones that I see and have gotten used to me, let me get close, but I don’t know if they would get on my hand… I’d be thrilled if they did.. but…will have to see what happens next fall/winter. sends happy virtual hugs your way.

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