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a familiar friend

I had seen that there was a clearing up off the trail I usually walk, when I climbed the incline to the clearing I found anther of these wood “tents” and two other possibilities.

Wholeheartedly do what you notice, when and how you notice it.

Perfect liberty 2021.29

I didn’t think about it, I saw it and decided to check it out. Had I simply noticed and moved on, I would have missed the other possibilities that I now will have when next I visit this location.

Be present, live in the Now!

Perfect Liberty

Comments on: "a familiar friend" (5)

  1. I really enjoy watching woodpeckers. For whatever reason, I find them fascinating. Happy weekend!

    • this one made me feel welcome, just like in the winter, he stuck close and let me be around him.. but he was camera shy.. I didn’t care.. I just loved his allowing me up close and personal. Happy long week-end!

  2. lise lawrence said:


  3. Good woodpecker pose…it is not showing head..Bird pose is different 👍😂🤩

  4. No spot of red on the head makes it a female Hairy Woodpecker. Do you think that was her nest in that cavity? A cool find!

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