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come away with me

Be careful about saying “it’s probably good enough” Wholeheartedly do what you notice, when and how you notice it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.29

Some days, when the skies are the clearest of blues, the feathered clouds wisps of angel white, the trees and surrounding vegetation are an array of, every shade of blue/green/yellow, AND the air is filled with the fresh lavender like scent of new growth -it is nothing short of perfection. Today I walked through the most heavenly scents – I looked for lavender, lily of the valley/ lilacs….. saw only the bog and the plants growing there, but ohhhh the intoxicating aromas were “mind blowing” I would have loved to have had someone with me who could identify what it was that I was enjoying so much. (one plant did look like lavender??)

Comments on: "come away with me" (5)

  1. I wonder if that was bog rosemary or perhaps an azalea of some kind? (Hard to tell from the pix.) Nature soothes and heals, that is for sure.

    • Hello sunshine.. my camera battery died.. I’d left the batteries in my knapsack..ws using my cell. It was a lovely scent like a cross between lavender and lilacs.. not as strong, the air was full of it… where it was the strongest was near plants that had leaves like lavender leaves..they were low growing and bushy. why couldn’t I just fold you up tiny like and carry you in my vest =^_^=

  2. Yes, nature is a balm for just about anything.

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