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breakfast companions

this little guy came for breakfast at Dewberry
fox sparrow -? @ Mer Bleue
taken today with new camera
same area with old camera (different time and day)

“To do” or “not to do” There is only one way. Although we may have many choices in front of us, in the end we must all make a single decision. Once you have made up your mind, move forward without hesitation.

Perfect Liberty 2012.20

traded Canon and my Nikon in for a newer Nikon -=^_^=


Comments on: "breakfast companions" (4)

  1. The squirrel is enjoying his breakfast πŸ˜‹ Great images..I should go with a Nikon.

    • I gad a hard time deciding, in the end, after using both a Canon and a Nikon, I liked the handling of the Nikon, however, many of the photographers in the area, are thrilled with their Canons.. it depends on the way you like to take pictures and for me, it was the colour saturation.. This new Nikon is heavier for me to handle it will take getting used to.. but.. hey.. worth it if it helps me capture the “moments” I like … Good morning.. have a great start to the weekend.

  2. New β€œtoys” are always fun to try out!

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