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flipping Friday

Cranberries and meat pie. Cranberries and chicken pot pie. Cranberries and roast turkey with dressing. No those are not cranberries… they are the cherries from my cherry tree this past summer. I simply have not been able to find all my pictures of cranberries.. but.. the season is coming when I want to taste cranberries.

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22

I doubt I will curb my enthusiasm for cranberries right now.. but I did stop looking through old files for the pictures of my trip to the cranberry fields.

Have a great start to the week-end everyone.

Till soon.


Comments on: "flipping Friday" (11)

  1. You’ll come across them eventually! I also like the flavor of cranberries and use them year round. Have a fun weekend!

  2. How were your cherries? They look good

    • I didn’t partake, I let church members come and pick what they wanted.. several groups come and pick what they can to make jams etc. How are YOU.. as you know I’m lying low these days… miss getting out, but have to wait for leg to heal.. sends virtual hugs.

      • I hope your leg heals quickly. I’m doing well. I think I told you we are volunteering as a foster home for dogs for the local animal shelter. We have an 8 year old dog who thinks she is a puppy. She is huge and has tons of energy. She is keeping me busy.

    • NO I didn’t know, that’s boss! good on you !!!! lots of happy face licks..

    • you are learning the same lesson I am.. sometimes, the universe sends us a message that we have to “take a break” and regroup. face licks are good!!

  3. Hope your leg will heal fast . I love your writing .Take care

  4. Enjoy them when you find them

  5. One of my favorite fruits!

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