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Turkey here a turkey there

this footage by Kevin.baldelli.photography

I was delighted yesterday to meet up with Ed Hodgins, where else in the woods of course… smiles… how does that song go, “if you go out to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise”.. lol mine was meeting up with Ed who I had not seen for awhile. he was of course out taking pictures, he had his faithful camera at the ready, and a bag of “goodies” for the birds to entice the feathered beauties.

We, the “birders” who enjoyed the Evening Gros beaks last year, are waiting to see if they will return this year. I certainly hope so.. They were delightful last year. Meanwhile I asked Ed if he had any pictures of wild turkeys, and he did! (see two top pictures). Kevin bless his heart, remembered I was looking for Wild Turkeys and sent me footage from his inventory of pictures.. I get to do my turkey post!

No, I have no idea why I had this interest in the turkeys this year.. they just seemed to catch you fancy, but were always eluding me when I had my camera with me. Does anyone out there know what their vocal call is? They are always on the move like in Kevin’s picture when I see them or eating in some farmer’s field.

What is normal is different for each individual. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. It’s important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16

Have a happy turkey day… wander and just BE…

Comments on: "Turkey here a turkey there" (4)

  1. Counting turkeys is a worthy task!

  2. Do you know that they sell turkey callers at sports hunting stores? They are usually made of wood and metal and make a sound when you twist them together. I know hunters use them to lure turkeys to shoot them, but you would only shoot with a camera!

    • I had heard of that but in the heart of the city, wonder where I could find one.. AND I’d be concerned if I called them and they came… that others in the vicinity might take advantage of them.. they seem to stay a way from humans.. although there is an area in the city where a “family” has been camping and its very busy with human traffic.. its a sanctuary in the west end, but always busy with photographers and the like wanting to take pictures of the wildlife t here. Hey girl, hope you are all ready for the holidays… sending lots of warm Hugs your way..

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