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Let’s explore

This barn is being preserved, but all around it has been torn down, fields are ripped up, a new development is going on. sigh..

Driving around upper New York State. There was such a variety of buildings ..from run down to redone.. and of course… a “state” building.

Remember the door knob yesterday.. this is what it was hiding. Now you know why I wear good hiking boots and protective clothing when I explore. Always very careful when entering abandoned buildings

For more doors, please visit Dan’s blog where the Thursday Doors challenge is featured. https://nofacilities.com/2022/03/17/frog-hollow-doors/


Experience the joy of change. It is truly amazing when you look back at yourself this year, or today compared to yesterday and realize how much you have improved and changed.

Perfect Liberty 2016.30
Be happy, be safe!

Comments on: "Let’s explore" (7)

  1. It would be fun, and a lot of work, to refurbish that house.

  2. I’m glad you got these pictures. It doesn’t look like these buildings will be with us much longer. The photos are very good. It’s sad to see them in this state.

    • it is times like that, that I wish I could “hear” the history of the materials.. I “feel” the environment, sometimes, I actually think that I can “see” the family /children in the yard. just a glimpse.. but there is always remnants of “life”.. in the buildings.

  3. Going back to the earth…

  4. I enjoyed your details but felt sad at the ongoing development. Here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, there’s constant building and virtually every empty space or former farm is suddenly sprouting more homes or apartments. I read that there’s a housing shortage and we must build, build, build, but it makes me sad as well as feeding my ongoing concern about shortage of water. With real estate prices as they are, the new housing can hardly be considered affordable either.


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