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Rabbit rescue

Domestic rabbits, the one today the lady at the SPCA told me it was a dwarf rabbit. These animals are bred to be pets, they are not born and raised in the wild. The are used to human contact, they are fed on a regular basis, have very different lives than an animal, born and raised in the wild.

Why then is it that someone who has such a young rabbit who has only known human care, takes it and dumps it in the parking lot of a conservation area that is full of coyotes, and every other kind of wild animal in the area… that has to hunt and kill for its meals.

Fortunately, I was in the parking lot getting ready to leave when one of the regular walkers there brought to my attention that there was a rabbit behind his van. Nothing unusual, there are wild rabbits around at this time of year, however, this one he told me was not a wild rabbit .. it was a looking to him for food. It didn’t run when we approached it, altho’ it was cautious… it kept out of our reach, but kept coming to us when we called. It wanted to hide under my car.. so it was used to cars.. and people..

Thankfully Daniel was in agreement with our trying to catch it and I’d take it to the SPCA.. I have no experience with rabbits.. I knew my dogs who are whippets (natural sight hounds and taught to chase rabbits (on a lure) in chase training, would not welcome a rabbit. But I agreed I would take it to the SPCA if we were able to catch it.

It took us time, but eventually we were able to get close enough to scoop it up… I put the zippers up on my dog bed for the car.. and put the wee one in. It was good it settled in and just sat there. Again what came to mind was how cruel it was to have dropped such a docile and trusting animal in a wild environment and driven away. I don’t think of myself as wicked, but I do send out to the Universe that the previous owners have at least one bad dream/nightmare.. for their thoughtless actions.

The rabbit was taken in by the SPCA, I ask that everyone focus on the good. It is my hope that he/she will be adopted by a caring family that will love it and give it a good home.

The Universe provided for this young life. It was discovered and taken to a place where it will have a chance at a long healthy life.

PL precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity.

PL Precept # 15 All is a mirror


Comments on: "Rabbit rescue" (4)

  1. He will be happy …

  2. That was so kind to you.

  3. I am glad you rescued the poor thing. I want to believe it escaped, but know it was probably dumped, as you suspect. We rescued a kitten in a canyon campground filled with rattlesnakes. It was not easy, as we had our two dogs with us, but we did find a shelter for the poor thing – on a weekend in rural Colorado! Such awful things some people do. I also rescued a little Yorker wandering on a busy bridge. As I suspected, it belonged to someone at the nearby homeless camp. Fortunately, the homage society was close by and took the sweet little guy in and was reunited with its person the next day.

    • I asked myself if someone really thought it through… you want to believe someone wouldn’t do such a thing if they understand the difference between a domestic animal and a wild one.. but…. good morning dear friend, hope you sail smoothly into a wonderful week-end.

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