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Mer Bleue reopens

Walking along the boardwalk for the first time since the storm hit in April, I took in the landscape searching out the familiar… noticing the fallen …. it was very quiet. When I arrived there was only a lone workman on a grater smoothing out the parking lot.

Trees had fallen on the out buildings, roof had been caved in, that has been repaired. We lost the old evergreens that had been shading the feeding area just off the parking lot. Still there are areas for feeders come the fall, but it won’t be the same, the tall trees that had been bordering the area, providing shelter and places for the birds and wildlife to hang out, have been pruned back or are gone all together.

We all know change is inevitable, this was a hard one to digest. There was an error in posting this blog, a whole section has disappeared into a void. I’ll try to recapture it in a later blog

Working together we can make a difference

A round of appreciation goes out to the NCC crews, forestry personnel and the Gemma workforce that have been working non stop since the storm doing repairs and clean up. The public has done its best to stay out of the way and let the work get done, its not been easy, we all have missed easy access to the conservation areas. Now, the hardest hit are being worked on, and we have had more parks open up, again, we owe the workers who have worked at a steady pace to give us access. a big Thank YOU.

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  1. Good luck with the missing section

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