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Mer Bleue

Sometimes when I am on my own

I wander away from home

I take myself to a place where I can walk alone

Today a gentle rain fell and bathed the world around me

Simple joys wrap themselves around me as I walk unseen

down the wet and slippery boards

I hear the rain drops as they splash and create a ripple in the water

a bird calls out from on high, and I wonder at the reflection mirrored along the shoreline

how peaceful it is when we allow the symphony of everyday sounds

to lull our over active brains – and the vibrant colours of the leaves are given an effervescent sheen

by the tear drops of little water crystals that are dancing across their thirsty leaves.

For an instance the sky clears… I see the reflection of the spiked leaves shadowed around the water plants that are smiling back up at me

Look at this beauty around me, I am alive and well… how can I not be… there is so much in this world to discover and see. The larch is starting to turn a golden yellow, soon this whole vista will be a different palette of colour. I hope you will come back and visit with me.

Till soon

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