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Wow look snow as far as we can see… and it is snowing again…. still we have a lot of possibilities out there… Loved this picture of the woodpeckers when I saw them while reviewing all the wonderful pictures on Paul’s flickr page. (photo taken by Paul Marsh) https://www.flickr.com/photos/128428488@N07/ Wasn’t snowing when he took the picture, but it is the keen look on the birds faces as they check out their surroundings.

Happy mid week to you … the picture of the birds also reminds me of today’s quote (PL Calendar)

It is not fun to be stuck in one place. Instead of being captured by what’s in front of you, strive to broaden your horizons.

Perfect Liberty 2022.28

Woodpeckers love to discover new “restaurants”, you can hear them totally caught up in their task of “creating/eating” their latest discovery. When they eat something buttery, they like to clean off their beaks before filling up again. When they are being selective, they will start with something soft and then move on to something with more grit … they like variety and will fly from one tree to another to keep their “dinner” interesting.

Till soon

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  1. I love that photo and what you did with it.

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