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What do you call someone (or persons) who steal bird feeders from a feeding area where the birds come to eat. They(humans) come out to the conservation areas to enjoy the beautiful surrounding which include the inhabitants of the woods/forests… then they steal the bird feeders that help keep the birds in an area where everyone can enjoy their antics and coming and goings. AND they don’t hesitate to stick dirty hands into the feed that is there for the birds, because they don’t bring any nuts/seeds themselves yet they want to feed the wildlife that they came out to enjoy.

We, I am not alone in caring for the wildlife in the woods, take care to give a proper diet of food that will help the birds etc. to get through what can be challenging winter weather. We go regularly so that the food does not waste, go bad, get too wet, start to rot and cause possible sickness to the clientele at the feeders. People who feed, research and look for the seeds/grains etc. that will help the animals maintain good health.

People who steal are thieves. Plain and simple. and to steal from animals trying to survive our winters, I say “shame on you”…

What goes around, comes around. On behalf of my feather friends, I hope you get your just desserts.

Feeders were clearly identified.. so to use them, the thief(ves) will have to paint over my name or announce to the world, they steal.

Woodpecker was taken by Paul Marsh, see previous post for link to his flickr page.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the theft, so disheartening. Maybe report it to the park staff? I’d put up a sign to the thief : “To the person who took our feeders,” and let them know how it has affected you and the wildlife. At least it would make you feel better. 😦

    • somehow I think anyone who steals from the wildlife, is a low life.. they won’t care… I am ok.. just wanted to vent, plus a lot of the readers who follow who live in the area, will be on the look out. It was a good feeder held a good 4 pounds and was built to protect the seed.. it was put out by the Audubon society. Sturdy metal, squirrel proof too. I took a chance, i like to believe people will do what is right.. I should know by now… I am an optimist.

  2. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, j’espere que tu vas bien, nous allons bien, on’a eux un beau noel beaucoup de plainer. Oychikiri.


  3. Carol Westover said:

    How utterly sad and inconceivable, but then there are those who care not for the ones who have no voice to say “Don’t do that!” They have no heart…

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