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Good morning! as many of us look out at the bleary overcast morning, in my case, there is a heavy curtain of wet sticky snow falling making visibility very poor. I’m told by a friend whose work has her driving the roads, that they are very slippery. All around the city school buses are being cancelled, people are being asked to stay off the roads unless necessary.

What makes it difficult, is yesterday afternoon it was darn right balmy, roads were all dry and bare. But.. with the drop in temperatures over night, and the snow that has been falling now for hours, driving has become dangerous… there is black ice under the freshly falling snow .. drivers don’t know its there until they need to slow down or come to a stop and the wheels keep sliding.

If you have to go out, which some of us do… take your time. Personally I have decided not to venture out, especially my garage door is acting up .. and I may or may not even be able to open it this morning. Yesterday I had to manually get it open, and it was not easy getting it closed. With all this snow, I don’t want to have the garage filled with windswept snow etc. if I can’t get the door to close after I drive out.

Friend and photographer Shirley Keen in NZ was out walking yesterday, this is her “neighbourhood” .. just looking at the beach, water and hills in the distance was a breath of fresh air.. So…even tho’ I’ve already posted today, I wanted to shar the moment with you. What came to mind was that expression, “it must be five o’clock somewhere in the world” … in this case..we might be snowed in here, but somewhere else it is sunny and warm.

Live in Perfect Liberty


All of the photos in this post are Shirley’s

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  1. Stay warm and safe. πŸŒžπŸ’«

  2. Glad you are staying safely inside today. I love the rainbow photo!

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