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Letting Go

How many times do I hear something and I think to myself, “really?” I hear negativity everywhere around me, and not want to be unkind, I hear it often. So many individuals seem to be unhappy with their lot in life. There are days when I wonder if I am the only person who enjoys life, who loves and welcomes a new day. I overheard parts of a conversation the other day (I was in a restaurant waiting for my order) It was busy and people were busy catching up, greeting each other, etc. I realized that all around me there was not one conversation where the topic was “happy” ‘positive” and

Typical, I did finish that sentence and actually the whole post, but WP decided to cancel out on me and it all vanished except for what you see above.

LOL basically I was talking about how living in the moment is the only way to go.. once the moment happens it can’t be relived. Guess the Universe decided to give me an immediate example,of, there is no going back. I’m not even going to try.

So dear friends, everyone… for those who can attend, service is at 10 and I will see you at church, for those of you who are heading out to a full day, enjoy, have fun, enjoy! If your ay is over when you read this, hope it was a good one..

Today’s calendar

Make today a “give back day” We can live our daily lives owing to our ancestors, elders and the work of our predecessors, Above all, kindness for others is the best way to give back.

Perfect Liberty 2023.11

P L Precept # 4 Being annoyed limits your expression

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