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Transformation “a marked change”

Today’s lesson is to realize that we have changed over time, and to take ownership of these changes.  “Discover the Joy of Transforming Yourself”     Change is ongoing, changes are a continuous factor in our lives, if I’m focused/mindful, would I think that the changes are that remarkable?  Hmm something to ponder don’t you think?  Certainly I see changes from when I was in a career phase, to how I am enjoying life now.  But I loved what I did, I loved the challenges of going in to work every day, certainly I did the grumbling and groaning along some of the paths, but over all it was rewarding to watch projects take shape and reach their goals.  Every day was a new beginning and I still practice that today.  I grew up believing and living with TAO (Universe/God) and the Taoist philosophy -the only constant in life is change – We are all ONE with the Universe… Transformations are part of life.  How are you doing with the changes in your life?



“Count your Blessings” =^_^=     The key to change is within ...

May the Universe shine bright for you today  &  Love fill your world, today, tomorrow and always  Oyashikiri

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