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ligh bulbs

Light bulb moments… we’ve all experienced them from time to time.. that Ahhhh moment… that moment where an awareness goes “smack” and we  wonder how we had missed seeing it before..  Truth be told, we didn’t miss it, our stubborn resistance to it was just too focused on doing either something else, or wanting it to be another way.



Our minds are a cornucopia of wow, super fabulous, mundane and useless thoughts. Some are very creative and helpful and others not.  I like to think of myself as a teacher, I’m bright, I’m helpful I’m  a student of life, who applies and works diligently at working to bring peace and happiness to others …etc.etc…etc..  I’m  a bright light….duh…NOT

light bulb oil lamps

LOL.. when will I learn.. when will I actually practice what I “preach”    When will I tame my stubborn nature, my lazy nature, will it every happen.  Will I always be like the shoe maker who makes and fashions the most beautiful of shoes, and wears run down uncared shoes  him/herself.

In PL we say ” We are all born into this world with a one of a kind personality and Makoto (individuality and unique character) given to us by God.”  In order to do this, it is important that we do so daily,  focusing on expressing our true selves with Makoto (sincerity)

PL precept # 7 – Everything exists in Relativity

PL Principles # 6 I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.

light bulb parachutes

Light bulb moment’s happen for a reason, when we realize the lesson they are teaching .. when we grasp (once again) that we are still allowing our “conceit/determination/stubborn nature”  to alter , hasten or remove what IS… try to reflect on the moment, the lesson….. and work to improve… ask yourself why????  why do you do something that you know… because deep down we do know…… that until we do… history will keep repeating itself.

light bulb photography











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Never let a good light bulb moment go to waste.–

Have a light filled day,

God Bless



Present 2

Is conceit one of the traits that you have gift wrapped under your tree? The Second Founder of PL, (Perfect Liberty) in one of his lessons taught that  gold is gold and iron is iron.  I’m simplifying it, in essence, if you have a piece of iron and try to disguise it as gold, no matter what you do, it will always be, iron, and vice versa.

When I was younger, I was very drawn to the “best” of what I could afford,  Designer labels filled my wardrobe, my credit cards were worn thin.  One day I realized that only I knew what I was wearing, and really, only I cared.  I meditated on that, I learned early in life I had a very big component of conceit in my makeup.  It has been a consistent bit of homework to tame the conceit and “tad” of arrogance in my character.

We are blessed with gifts from “above“, they are not “ours” they are given to us to share with the world to help and improve the lives of others.  A sincere thank you, and smile go a long way in showing our appreciation when something is done for us. AND, if we have the means and ability to do something for someone else, that we do so with makoto (sincerity).


The simplicity of years gone by has been replaced with a lot of hype and a must have society.  However, each person we meet is dealing with a myriad of issues, try to listen not only to what is said, but to the spaces between the words.


Try calling instead of sending a text message.  We are losing the personal contact that was so present in past years.  Love and a peaceful heart, begin by accepting ourselves, in accepting ourselves, and loving ourselves, we are then able to  reach out and accept/respect the differences in others.  Peace on earth, is possible only if and when we genuinely love one another.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri 

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