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Wordless Wednesday

PL Calendar day 31        Don’t hesitate to show kindness to others

Do you ever find yourself hesitating to show kindness to someone?  It is when you put your thoughts into action that you can show others what is in your heart.


Has the ship sailed

Feb 7_007Are there moments when you feel the ship has sailed and you are not on it.   ….  Do you feel you are standing on the dock watching it sail away thinking you should have gotten there sooner   …..   If you are on the dock, it is because that is where you were meant to be ……  That ship wasn’t the one that had a berth on it for you.   At the time, you might not realize that, but Believe …. because if and when the time is right for you to be on the boat, you will be.

Jan 12 alo_005There is no denying that life can be a struggle.  Often we can feel pulled in far too many directions.  World news is negative and television and movies can be so violent.  How do we stay tuned to the “word of ‘God/TaoUniverse”, we Trust in our divine connection with the Higher Power. we Believe with all our hearts that our prayers are heard, and Know that we are blessed. Whatever we are living it is because we are in a learning curve, give thanks that you are alive, the moment will pass, and life will move on.

July 3_007


Say good riddance  to the past and move on.  Today is a brand new day.  My prayers are with you today, and always.  Blessings, Oyashikiri…



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