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Goedenmorgen, good morning everyone

Alo 3.1_005Remember the song, Rock and Roll is here to stay, or when we were all hearing about the “British invasion”?  Of course not, some of you do, and others have no idea of what I’m talking about.  Never -the-less … both are part of “history”, contributed to the world today.  Not all that long ago, I was doing research for a virtual blog*  I write, when I came across these characters in a haunted house.  I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the builder of this particular setting and others just as much fun and creative, Being an artist myself, I am often humbled by the ability of others to recreate such fun and authentic looking scenes.  The designer, BambiTwice Nitely has given the virtual world of SL a playground for explorers that is unbelievable in the range of destinations she has provided.  i.e Medieval Fantasy, Star Wars, Aquatic-Marine and Tropical fish, the list goes on, oh and I must not forget a museum of amazing Illusions, these are just a few.  all this to say, because in our limited worlds, we often resist stepping outside the box.  Going or doing something that we have never done before, will always bring something new into our lives. Give us a new perspective.  Challenge us to revisit some of our thinking?


How  has your day been so far, where you on the stairway through the day, are your steps leading up or coming down? Either way, you will find a new vista(s) to explore.  We should try to start each day with a renewed sense of appreciation.  Smiles through the screen at you.  Life is so full of treasures some long forgotten that need to be rediscovered and others that are brand spanking new.  Remember  LIFE IS ART 

For those of you who travel in Second Life, this is your link to the boat that will take you along the Nile to the land of the Pharaohs, Pyramids etc.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchantment%20Island/190/97/23



Where do you want to be today?   Choose to feel the range of your emotions rather than become numb or indifferent. Make your choice the one that will have you being present in all you do, to be mindful of what the day has in store  – reach out and share your mega watt smile with the world.  Trust you will be empowered.    Blessings, Oyashikiri   smilePencil

interested in the virtual blog?  visit http://virtuallunablogspot.ca/


Some days are better then others.

Some days are better then others.

Some days require more attention to one’s personal needs..
We find ourselves dealing with emotions that are not always wanting expression.  Suddenly they are in your face so there is no escape.
Life is full of accumulations of small moments.  Each moment has full impact, if you are living in the moment.

Does it seem that everyone you meet or interact with just adds to your gloom.  Meet your day, head to head.  Make it your own.  You are the author, the writer,the artist, YOU decide how you want to “play”

oct 26_002

Could it be that events and people in your life don’t seem to be “real”  Are you “out of step” or are they in a different “play”

oct 26_004

Your life is your own, your very own work of art……. Life is Art. you get to decide if you cut corners, if you do, it is your life you will affect,  you decide  whether you live in shades of gray, or whether your world will be full of colour.  We can’t always control events that happen in our lives, but it is our decision, how we react, and assimilate the energy around us.

aloToi 10.26_005

It may take some doing, but with determination, quiet meditation, you can find balance in your day.  One must know unhappiness/sadness to appreciate and treasure the happy moments.

aloToi 10.26_009

I found my creativity in SL yesterday, the virtual world this month is full of haunted places to visit.  By end of day the colour was back … I was relaxed.

Blessings -Today and Always                           MAKE TODAY                                   YOUR DAY!

photos- SL -by Q

avatar makeups – Style by Kira,           hair, Vanity Hair, Pixivor black >                       sarouel pants by [Bubble} >                       top by Ruxy >shoes,Dakota

url for   DarkDhama Haunted Manor     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Benten/80/216/29

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