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Tarantula nebula

Astronomy, tarantula nebula 170000 light years away

This is Tarantula nebula, it is 170,000 light years away nestled within the Large Magellanic Cloud, which be seen in the Southern Sky just above the centre of this image there is a huge cluster of very hot stars called R136.  According to the post where I found this picture, these stars are among the massive known.  Impressive, at last I find such photos from the heavens fascinating, I marvel at all that is out there that I cannot see with my  naked eye. Astronomy has always been a subject that can keep me glued to the telly, especially when well done and documented..


Landscapes like this one are just a drive away, they might not fill me with unknown wonder, but they do draw and instill in me a quiet joyfulness that comes from the serene moment of being outdoors surrounded by nature.  We can not see the life that lives and moves under the water, but it is there. We may hear the birds and the activities of the birds and animals who live int he woodlands, but they are there.



This colourful border didn’t happen on its own, people were involved in the planning and shaping of the beautiful presentation, what we saw during our visit to the farm,(prev. blog) was the results of a lot of “love”.  Weeding is a task performed with a focused mind.   Take pleasure in the simple joys of today, step out side and listen to the world around you.  There is so much for us to observe, if only we open our “eyes” and hearts to the experience.


Namaste – Oyashikiri







 source of astronomy photo BabaMail
landscape photographs – Q





A warrior takes every person as an adversary
He/she sees all their vulnerable points.
And trains to eliminate his/her own
Only the way of the sage eliminates all weaknesses.
The sage goes beyond concepts of protection,competition,honour and righteousness, and has no fear of death

The sage knows life is merely an illusion.
Life is but one dream flowing into another.  Tao –Deng Ming-Dao


A healthy mind is clear and uncluttered, always opened to the heavens/UNIVERSE

Whatever the optimal time of the day for you, set aside time to cultivate your connection/ bond with God/Tao.

virtual photography –Home of the Blue Lotus Clan


Reach for the heavens

Reach for the heavens

Strive and pray for World Peace.
Live with World Peace in your heart.
Everybody has different ways of thinking and seeing the world. — the most common mistake we can make in worship, is to seek an experience, rather than seek God.

You have to be consistent, have faith and live
with “peace” in your heart.
Love begins within. God is love. Love = God

photo -virtual art -Q    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sands%20of%20Time/131/111/21

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