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the listener


Holding her breath, she stood stalk still, she didn’t want to listen, but she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation in the hall.  Her husband was talking to another woman as they approached the doorway she had been about to enter. As they got closer, she heard her husband’s voice lower, the way he did when he was going to tell her something endearing.  The woman’s laugh was soft and pleasing, she couldn’t quite make out what her husband had said, but she did hear him call her darling.   She froze, a chill ran down her spine, and all the happiness she had felt just a few minutes before evaporated. She didn’t continue on her journey and join them, instead she prayed they wouldn’t see her.. and leaned back hoping to remain out of sight.

When their footsteps faded as they descended the staircase to the reception area, she retreated back into the powder room.  Her shoulders slumped, her head bowed, she let the sadness wash over her.  How? when? why? she asked herself, somehow she couldn’t accept that her husband was unfaithful, yet she had heard him call the  woman darling, and…… oh dear what was she to do….

A knock on the door startled her back to the moment…”everyone is waiting for you Millicent are you coming down?”  Her sister voice was familiar, she felt the love and concern, “you’ve been gone for a while, is everything alright?”  Straightening her shoulders, she looked at the woman in the mirror and smiled, it didn’t reach her eyes, but it would do.  Her sister gave her a small hug, linked arms with her and together they descended the wide staircase.

SURPRISE!…Happy Birthday everyone cried out, laughing and throwing confetti at her, balloons were everywhere..  Standing at the bottom of the steps with his arms stretched out in welcome was her husband, and next to him  a woman who looked familiar but she couldn’t place.  “Darling” her husband said as he drew  her into his arms with a loving hug, ” we have a surprise for you” … turning to the petite little brunette beside him, he said ” remember little Maggie, meet the very  grown up Maggie”  Feelings of joy and happiness washed over her, little Maggie, the little baby she had cared for till the family moved away.  What a wonderful surprise, this is who her husband had been talking to,   “Darling, are you alright?” her husband leaned over with concern in his voice.  What a fool she had been, she had not listened to all that was being said, and she had not walked out and greeted them when the were coming down the hallway, instead, she had let herself react to the few words she heard, and let her own insecurities sweep her into a total heartbreak moment.


When we listen to music we listen to all the notes, when we listen to others speak, we should be sure of what we heard before we react, not always easy, but it is worth the effort if it is important to our mental health.  Live today to your fullest.

 Namaste   -Oyashikiri





*painting found on cotedetexas.blogspot.com

** painting found on fashion-era.com

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