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Hello? is it me you’re looking for?


Fried Calamari as served up in Sausalito California at the Trident Restaurant.  The restaurant has been revived, anyone remember it from the 70’s when it was all about live entertainment and psychedelic ceilings.  (Photo John Storey, The  Chronicle).  It is only in the recent years that I’ve developed a fondness for well cooked and presented  calamari.  The dogs and I have an agreement, I eat the calamari,  they get to sample the batter. Works.  Husband is happy not to be included in our feast, same applies if we are going to have shrimps,,??? So be it… more for us.

It is only when I went online to look for a picture of the breaded calamari that I discovered that t his is a food eaten and enjoyed by many, there were pasta dishes, and several mouth-watering and tempting dishes with a mediterranean  flavour.  Myself, I seem to like the taste, plain, with little seasoning, same with shrimps.  Shrimps I like the big fat juicy ones, and the scallops don’t bother unless they are about the size of  toonie (a Canadian 2 dollar coin) after they are cooked. I’m also happy to just sit and eat one item till I’ve had my fill.  Next meal I will gorge on a green veggie or a variety of vegetables.

Yay I’ve finally broken from what others what me to do, to doing what I want to do, I do it happily and joyfully and  with plenty of enthusiasm.

This is the song playing in my head…   I want to share it with you because, just because…. =^_^=  I so appreciate that you take the time to share these few minute with me when I post.

Life is to be lived dear friends… let’s travel together… Have a day that is filled with all the  richness in life that you so deserve.

Till next time…            Namaste – Oyashikiri


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