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on reflection……….

monkey,snow in Japan

The Japanese Snow Monkey enjoys the snow, and in Kyoto, Japan, the big snowflakes make for a lovely picture.  Taken outside the Kamigamo Shrine.

Japan, kamigamo shrine,kyoto found d.hatena.ne.jp


Even the Shinto shrine in Nagano Japan, has worn a blanket of snow.

Japan, Shinto Shrine, NaganoSooooooooooooo

Even though the forecast is for snow, and a lot of it over the next day or so, I think I’ll find ways to enjoy my day/night in ways that won’t be complicated by the snowfall.  Besides, what they say will happen, may not happen at all.

monkey,snow bathing in hot spring

This wild snow monkey has the right idea, he is taking time to relaxing a hot spring, Jigokudani,Nagano, Japan.

Namaste       –      Oyashikiri

pictures taken from social media


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