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Viaje comigo -let’s travel together


This is where the International members will be staying.


This is part of what we will be doing, there are translators for the members who do not understand Japanese, we wear ear buds

Listening, learning, exchanging thoughts and ideas



This is the Peace Tower, for those who have never been, there is a tour, from the higher levels, you can see magnificent views of the landscapes below.

Reverend Eisuke Inagaki will be there on the 30th and 31st, to do Spanish translation for the Spanish-speaking members,  If you are looking for me, it is best to ask him, he will know my schedule, He speaks Japanese, Spanish, and is learning English .=^_^=

The Church of Perfect Liberty is all about world peace.  We pray for World Peace, we sing songs for World Peace, most of all, we do our best to live our lives to reflect a life of Perfect Liberty.  World Peace begins with us. The title of this post  Viaje comigo is the first line of a song we sing in Portuguese written by Joerge da Paixai and Tereza Onaga, the song is Trem da Esperance.  The Train of Hope.

this is the English translation.

Let’s travel together

on the train of high hope.

Sit here beside me

On the seat of Love

Let’s travel together

On the train of high hope

At each station stop

we’ll leave a bright flower

Please join with me

on the journey of life

We’ll carry messages of

peace and of love

We’ll finally arrive

at the place of World Peace;

The engine driver is


It is mean to be sung in Portuguese, the music harmonizes with the words, but the English translation is beside the Portuguese so we know what we are joyfully singing.  The message is clear, live with love in your hearts..  share the love.  let us all be ONE.



Stay safe till I return

You will be in my prayers

Wordless Wednesday PL campus Japan


Perfect Liberty Peace Tower 

Non sectarian monument built at the PL Holy Land In Japan.  It is dedicated to all those from the beginning of time who have lost their lives as a result of war

PL Precept # 11  Always be with God

PL Precept #14   World Peace is Everything

picture Church archive

Perfect Liberty


This is the PL Peace Tower at headquarters in Japan.  In 1970 the Second Founder oversaw the completion of the PL Peace Tower.   The Second Founder established the Federation of New Religious Organizations of Japan, he was appointed to the Commission for Religious Cooperation.  During his tenure he visited the Vatican three times, meeting both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II to talk of World Peace.

The Peace Tower is a non-sectarian monument built at the PL Holy Land in Japan, it is dedicated to ALL from the beginning of time, who have lost their lives a s a result of war.



May 2015 marked 100 years since the popular poem was written.


Peace begins at home, in our hearts.  When we can sincerely live (with Makoto) for the sake of others and society. Peace begins when we live with love in our hearts.   PL Precept #14 – world Peace is Everything!

PL Precept #21 – Live in Perfect Liberty

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Thanksgiving service is this Friday, 21st. 7 pm.

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