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Perfect Liberty


This is the PL Peace Tower at headquarters in Japan.  In 1970 the Second Founder oversaw the completion of the PL Peace Tower.   The Second Founder established the Federation of New Religious Organizations of Japan, he was appointed to the Commission for Religious Cooperation.  During his tenure he visited the Vatican three times, meeting both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II to talk of World Peace.

The Peace Tower is a non-sectarian monument built at the PL Holy Land in Japan, it is dedicated to ALL from the beginning of time, who have lost their lives a s a result of war.



May 2015 marked 100 years since the popular poem was written.


Peace begins at home, in our hearts.  When we can sincerely live (with Makoto) for the sake of others and society. Peace begins when we live with love in our hearts.   PL Precept #14 – world Peace is Everything!

PL Precept #21 – Live in Perfect Liberty

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Thanksgiving service is this Friday, 21st. 7 pm.

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