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Girl Again White Plains .NY.

I had been searching for two dolls that have been retired from the American Girl current offerings.  I saw them on e-Bay and other website online stores, but they were pricey and I didn’t know the vendors.  Nor was I that familiar with purchasing online.

Josefina had  a serious interest in Josefina Montoya 1824, almost from the start of my “interest” in the American Girl dolls, Josefina caught my attention.  Josefina lived on a rancho in the period of 1824.  She dreamed of being a healer, and knew she had to be open to new ideas.

Those were my thoughts and dreams when I was younger.  When she was released, she wore the outfit you see her in now, but of course, there were accessories.  Which I discovered if the doll was next to impossible to find, so were her accessories.

When American Girl launches a doll, they provide her history, her biggest dreams, and tell you about her family, she had a pet goat Sombrita, which I have not found, but this little guy is loving having Josefina here with us.

Girl Again, is a resale boutique for American dolls.  It is in White Plains NY.  I found them through a YouTube video I had been watching.  They were founded by a non-profit groups, Yes She Can Inc.  That teaches job skill development for women with Autism.  I went to their site, and was interested and impressed with the work that they do there.

www,YesSheCanInc.org   Marjorie Madfis, President, can be reached at 914-428-1258 or by e-mail.     info@YesSheCanInc.org

When I first got in touch I was looking for a body for Nellie (I had her head, but no body) she is another doll that has been retired.  I was so impressed with the staff and the service that I got, that when I found out they had Josefina and Ivy Ling, I ordered them too.

The Girl Again, website is GirlAGain.com  Their phone number is 914-358-1460.

Sometimes what we want is just not available in our area, or part of the Country, State or Province.  They are a wonderful place to look if you are looking for an American Girl doll, they offer gently used dolls from the historic collections, Truly me, Girl of the year, as well as furniture and accessories.  Oh, and outfits and books.

You met Ivy already in my last blog.  Ivy Ling (1976) is proud of her Chinese heritage, her hometown is San Francisco, since my heritage is Chinese and I have family In the SF area, you just know, I had to include her in my “doll family”

I doubt when I was younger I would have spent much time with dolls, but, now as an “adult” collector, it is not only fun but a learning experience.

It beats.. evening news and politics.

There is a time and a place for everything.

PL Precept #19   Begin Once you Perceive


American Girl is a trademark name of dolls that were originally introduced by the Pleasant Co.(1986)  and now are owned by Mattel… it is hard not to immerse yourself in the creativity of the many talented people who brought the American Girl dolls and their stories to life.

Josefina 7.19.17f

Josefina takes her donkey  for a walk =^_^=


Bom dia, good day everyone!

A day filled with sunshine, that is one thing about winter mornings … the sun comes streaming into my office showering the office with a happy glow that is so inspiring and welcoming.  The dried black fungus and fish mah is soaking so it will rejuvenate and be ready for a meal later… my iced coffee is watered down just like I like it.. What a super fantastic start to the day.


Another week, I can hardly believe that we are in the second half of the month. I was reading the calendar’s lesson for the 17th. (yesterday) Tente mais um pouco.. Persevere without giving up ..  Persista un poco mas (a has an accent my keyboard doesn’t)  smiles, nothing will stop me today, I feel so positive and HAPPY.  In fact most days, I realize I am HAPPY .  I like being HAPPY.

Positive Energy

I had a Skype conversation with a friend the other day and was totally blown away by an experience she had.  I listened carefully because I knew the people involved. It had been a negative experience at the time, but she was wise, in having let it go… and in a most positive way was moving on with her life.  She explained the situation in a factual way.. and took responsibility for her part in it.  I knew there was a reason I had liked her from the beginning when we first met. =^_^=


cat, black

Of course, there is never just one side to a story, just as beautiful as this little black kitty looks, relaxed and  resting, in another moment or two, the view  we could witness would be very different indeed.

I plan on having a great day, there is a lot to do and be done, but, first things first, I was not going to let another day go by without saying how much I appreciate you … and thank you for sharing time with me.

cheetah love






I”m happy because LOVE fills my world

namaste     –    Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 11    Always be with God


Who am I

Who am I

Do you ever wonder who that person is looking back at you in the mirror. For years you have looked at that face, yet how often do you really see the face,and the eyes that are looking so intently back at you.
When we journey into the virtual world, we get to pick an avatar to represent us, it is the avatar that moves around and interacts for us with the other avatars in the virtual world.. Each avatar represents another person, who is sitting at a keyboard and looking at a screen. You can be talking to anyone, anywhere in the world connects to the Internet.
Each and everyone of us is in the game for a reason, to play, to build,design,educate, learn, the reasons are endless. So are the possibilities when it comes to what kind of an avatar you will use to represent “you”.
It is not until you are faced with the task of creating an outward appearance for yourself that you begin to realize that it is not as simple as it seems.
First we have to determine are we male or female. In the real world, we know the cards dealt to us, however in this virtual world, we can be whatever we chose to be.
We get to pick the colour of our skin, the shape of our bodies,, the colour of our eyes, and then when we do all of that, we have to dress ourselves, pick out the hair, finally we can have curly hair, and lots of it.
AND, because we get to pick our size and shape, we can then wear the shoes and outfits that we can’t wear in RL

The challenge can be so daunting, that many people give up before they even really start. I learned early on in the “game” that the choices we are asked to make, can be very helpful to us in learning to understand ourselves.

I’m only touching the surface here, we are only getting started. In this recent adventure, I have had to think long and hard about which avatar I would use. I already have established personalities and characters in SL. I realized that I did not want to use these characters because I liked who they are and the lives they have built for themselves over the years.
So, I dusted off the file on an avatar that I have till now only used when I needed a model. He/she had no defined personality and was simply an avatar. A dormant file/avatar in the game. Even the name of the avatar was non gender, Asia was especially used when I needed a male model for the ads/blogs.
Now Asia is a woman, and a Furry, (an avatar that is an animal with human characteristics) I started out thinking I would be a Neko (cat/feline) a Neko is a human with animal characteristics. But after several hours spent with the Neko I wasn’t connected to it. I felt no affinity.
Also what came into the equation is the other members you meet, who are also Neko,Furries, humans, Tinies,Dinkies, etc. Like in the RL the groups have their own culture, way of dressing, interests etc.
I have been absent from SL for some time, not playing as much as I used to, so I found that with the ever changing technology the products and items being offered, mesh, sculpts,animations etc.were different. Previous sources were no longer in business.
I thought I’d be a possat, I got the avatar put her on, but within minutes I didn’t feel right.

Nov2_001When I looked at myself as this avatar, I wondered to myself, what had I been thinking.  Where was I  “in my head” when I thought this is what I wanted to be?  this is what life is like, we do things, we purchase something because at the time, it was such a great buy or it really took our fancy, yet days later, it has lost its allure, and the search begins again.

Much like when I look in the mirror, I wonder who that is, and how she got to be where she is, what is she really thinking?  The person I have to ask is myself really, and the question again comes down to just who am I.  What am I doing here?  This could be a long meditation, a long on going chat with my inner self.  Meanwhile, life does go on, and I have another avatar in the making.  Does this mean that I have multiple personalities. Hmm stay tuned.

In PL we learn to continue and persevere to make our wishes and goals come true.  I’ve started this journey, I’m having fun working through my creative “wants” and the realities of my “self: images. I’ve been a lifetime getting to where I am today, guess I’m not about to stop the momentum now.  My friends call me a “shape shifter” (in SL)  I believe that is because, like in real life, I live the moment, and change is the only constant in life. =^_^=

nov 8_002

comments anyone? Have fun in life, take time to play, we are only here “now”   I am guilty of taking life far too seriously, even when playing… I’m working on it.. one step at a time.     http://www.secondlife.com                                                           photos -Q

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