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Bom dia, good day everyone!

A day filled with sunshine, that is one thing about winter mornings … the sun comes streaming into my office showering the office with a happy glow that is so inspiring and welcoming.  The dried black fungus and fish mah is soaking so it will rejuvenate and be ready for a meal later… my iced coffee is watered down just like I like it.. What a super fantastic start to the day.


Another week, I can hardly believe that we are in the second half of the month. I was reading the calendar’s lesson for the 17th. (yesterday) Tente mais um pouco.. Persevere without giving up ..  Persista un poco mas (a has an accent my keyboard doesn’t)  smiles, nothing will stop me today, I feel so positive and HAPPY.  In fact most days, I realize I am HAPPY .  I like being HAPPY.

Positive Energy

I had a Skype conversation with a friend the other day and was totally blown away by an experience she had.  I listened carefully because I knew the people involved. It had been a negative experience at the time, but she was wise, in having let it go… and in a most positive way was moving on with her life.  She explained the situation in a factual way.. and took responsibility for her part in it.  I knew there was a reason I had liked her from the beginning when we first met. =^_^=


cat, black

Of course, there is never just one side to a story, just as beautiful as this little black kitty looks, relaxed and  resting, in another moment or two, the view  we could witness would be very different indeed.

I plan on having a great day, there is a lot to do and be done, but, first things first, I was not going to let another day go by without saying how much I appreciate you … and thank you for sharing time with me.

cheetah love






I”m happy because LOVE fills my world

namaste     –    Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 11    Always be with God

Beary interesting…

lion,tiger and bear,sanctuary in Georgia

These animals became best buds.  A lion a bear and a tiger, they live in harmony and share a special friendship.  Found on today.com, they are in a sanctuary in Georgia.  If they can do it, why do we  humans have such a hard time of accepting differences (appearances) in others??


Hmm is he/she having a bad day?  We all have them, each and every one of us. No exceptions. Just remember, the moment passes, it always does!

fbbe0f2d1be6f99e2889eb805e0ea86bWhen  push comes to shove,  there is usually always someone to help out.  We might not always be around to see it, but acts of kindness happen every day.  They simply are not what we hear about, except during the holiday season.  Why is that?


This fellow seems to be as one viewer commented, hailing a cab, I think he’s giving us the high 5!  Although I don’t think I want to  tickle his tummy, I do appreciate his beauty.  He looks well groomed don’t you think?  He’d give a mean bear hug.


These black bear cubs were wrestling in the cottonwood tree when they got sleepy and fell asleep in the middle of their play.  Did you go ” awwww’ and want to join in on the hug…?  Life is beautiful,  Life is full of caring and wonderful moments of simply ” BE”ing. Try it you may like it =^_^=


This is the end of my beary interesting visit, I hope you have a fun and delightful day from beginning to end,.  If you’ve managed a smile through any of this, pass it on.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

bears found on Pinterest

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