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Taming of the shrew


Shrew? me?……. yes you!

oh my I had not thought of myself as a shrew…

hmmm what to do…

oh, the dictionary says I’m a cute mammal

with a long pointed snout

and tiny eyes…. kinda cute….

oooooh, you don’t mean that shrew!

9b3531a0d197ad71a7b25f029cddd9a5.jpg  shrew

oh oh, a shrew is also a bad-tempered, aggressively assertive woman

really, this is what you think of me

oh my goodness….. your reality is your perspective isn’t it???

so somewhere in my personality I must demonstrate such traits

a235f785e9ae27da7d89f32e0b31907dwhat to do, what to do

if I care for you , which I do

I must assume some responsibility 

for how I am perceived…

yes… I must, I must…


small in this world I may be

but the power of love

is huge, it will help me to 

make the changes in my life that I need to

so  the cute shrew I’ll be

by setting the negative in me free.

Namaste  – Oyashikiri






* Tupaia,tree shrew,by StefanKoeder,Flickr

** Pygmy shrew, sorex minutus,by blackclough,Flickr

*** karol2waszhiewicz.com

**** en.wikipedia etruscian shrew

Text is by Q

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