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4827c30eba1ada26b75827d3c4747740Look familiar

have you had such moments

They happen in any relationship

This very public television couple

entertained, and made us laugh,

Lucy and her antics where just too funny

at least, that is how I remember the shows

when I saw them when they played

reruns.  She started out in movies, way before my time

but knew enough to change over to the small picture box

when it came along/

She went from showgirl, to B movie actress to a

well know and loved comedian, with a good head for business.  Sometimes we forget how some

actors worked very hard to make us smile and laugh.  They did so by exaggerating the day-to-day

ups and downs that a lot of relationships faced on a daily basis.  They put humour into the events

and laughter was the goal, when the audience really laughed, ratings rose.


These two made it look like fun.  Of course there was always a happy ending.  That is not the case in real life.  Many couples say that they work hard to never go to bed with negativity between them.  That is not an easy task

I faced an inner battle with myself just recently, I had to withdraw to a quiet place and meditate, think on why I was so upset.  Sometimes…. we just have to work things out for ourselves.  It is not that …click.. I sat down, tuned out of the world around me, and bingo the answer appeared in my thoughts.  Rather I had to pray, and have faith that I would do what was right. Once I made the decision, I was done with it, and it no longer took up space in my “head”.

PL Precept #19  Begin Once You Perceive.

Tonight while working on a project, I searched and searched for a picture I wanted to use.  Couldn’t find it, so I used something else.  The moment I stopped looking… you guessed it… I found the picture.  It had always been there, I just didn’t see it.  The picture I did use… turns out was the right one for that project.

PL PRECEPT #7    Everything exists in Relativity

the biggie…

PL PRECEPT # 4   Being annoyed limits your expression.


PL PRECEPT # 5  One’s Self is lost by being Emotional


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri




One day follows the next. With the cooler weather, now when you are walking around downtown, the outdoor patios are taken down, the street huskers have gone inside, and the market vendors are dwindling down to the the last of the ” die-hards”. People are hurrying rather than lazily taking in the day, and some are already bundled up warding off the cold.
We can look out at the world or we can participate.

Mishirase > Divine warning, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident, pain or suffering

PL teaches about “Mishirase”, which appears in our lives in the form of illnesses, injuries, hardships and natural disasters.  These Mishirase that could be considered unlucky, are in actuality, warnings given by the “Universe” to show us that we are  having a poor understanding of the “material/info” that we are being given, thus, we have difficulty expressions our “true” selves.  God may be showing us that we are overly attached to our own thoughts and are expressing ourselves “unnaturally”

Human beings are born with the ability to experience pain so they can avoid pushing their bodies beyond natural limits.  If you bend your finger too far back, you will experience pain,  a warning that to continue to push your finger past the point of pain would result in a broken finger.  In the same way, the “pains” we experience in life are “reminders from “God” that you are pushing something beyond what is natural.

Who belongs to the face that is looking out, or back at you?  In Canaille’s picture, you see her, you can tell she is a dog, if you look really hard, you can see Velcro in the background.  But the picture is of Canaille, its a face, who is she, and what does the face tell you/us.  I ask only because I have been faced with seeing the face that looks back at me every day.  Does the face you see, really tell you about who a person is, or was.  Yes I say was, because in life, whether we want to or not, we are constantly changing, some changes we orchestrate ourselves,  others are made for us.

For instance, can you tell when you look at me now that I was one of the first “Eurasians” (not even a term heard today in 2013) in television back in “my day”… I was a model, it was live TV, we had to run off stage and change behind a (barely private) screen.  My hands opened and closed a weekly show, each slice of bread was a credit.  I was Miss Jade East, somewhere there is a photo to attest to that.  Media was different back then. I’ve written for magazines and journals that are simply non existent now.  Too short for the high fashion runway, I was also considered too short for the assignments in the fashion houses, however my “look/beauty” was exotic for that time/period.  I was too young to know that I was part of a ground breaking era, television was new and exciting business to be in.  I simply lived it.

Living in the moment has been a super huge blessing in my life.  When one lives in the moment there are a lot of advantages in life, we live the moment and we move on.  Because we appreciate each and every moment, often the past is really “history” for us, and when we look back at what was, or what “personality/character” was playing the leading role, it is often with interest and curiosity, much like watching a rerun on television.

While out with a friend, she took a picture of me and later sent it to me.  That was weeks ago now, I’ve actually looked at it a few times now, each time I look at it, I wonder who I was on that day.  I look familiar, but I can’t say for certain it is me.  Yet physically it is, I’m sure Christianne didn’t snap a picture of a stranger that happened to be in her space at the time..

When I read the Pl teachingLet’s first Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.  Even when dealing with someone you don’t like or when you are facing an uncomfortable situation, take a moment to first accept whatever comes your way.  There is always something that you can learn from these situations.  I take a look at Canaille’s picture, and of the one Christianne sent me, and muse out loud to you, hmmm is this woman really me,  Can I accept and appreciate all the “things” she is to me?  A good meditation for me today.

Thank YOU for sharing this moment with me… sigh, OK, I’ll post the picture of me.  why not… I have to stop hiding from the face that other’s see.

photo (3)

Drat haven’t found or learned how to make the picture smaller when I load it.  (see the part of me that wants to control is being over ridden by the Power that IS..)

UNBOUNDED BLESSINGS – now and always

photo of Canaille – Q

photo of Q -Christianne M  (Kemptville)

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