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Look for Ways to Make Others as Well as Yourself Happy

As an artist I used to participate in challenges and rounds where artists from all over the world would make and exchange ATC (Artist Trading Cards) or small one of a kind dolls. We would do our piece and send it to a “host” who would then in turn send them out to the various participants. You never knew what you would get till you received the small packet in the mail. It was always such a treat, the anticipation grew with each passing day. Sadly over time, many of us moved on, our teaching, classes, family etc. gave us little time to set aside time for one more “project”.

However for me, making of these ATCs and “little dolls: has remained part of my life, I find them a relaxation and rather meditative to do, AND I love the sharing of them, sending them off to someone who least expects getting a treat in the mail.

Sharing our love of life with others is a joy that no one can take away. Love given “just because” is a wonderful gift. Saying I love you, I remember you my friend, you are special, feels awesome. I know when I receive such a gift I am very happy, it brighten’s my whole day.

Today one picks up the phone and calls, or texts, and that is OK, but when I receive a treat in the mail, I know that person took the time to put that little work of art together. Gave them quality time doing something they loved, and they honored me by sharing with me. What a blessing.

Take time today to let someone know you care.

Have a grand day everyone! Love is being sent your way.


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