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winding road

There are days when the way ahead is just so darn daunting.  You know you need to continue and persevere, yet you seem to be encountering one challenge after another.  Stand still for a moment, and quiet the mind.  Allow moments to pass without thinking about what needs to be done, or how to do something. Then readdress the situation with an appreciation for what needs to be done.  Take initiative in tackling the work or task with makoto (sincerity).  Let your strong resolve carry you to the next  bend or fork in the road.

winding road 2

We are all on the same journey, only we have each our own landscapes to discover. Life is never dull and it never stands still. Often we travel parts of the journey on our own, but, we are never ever alone, THE LIFE FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE (GOD) is always with us.  I heard a wonderful gospel song yesterday that I hope you enjoy, no matter what philosophy you follow it has a positive message ….


“Music is healing” Sky

*Flickr,  Urugallu (06 San Juan de Gazleugatxe)

** Pinterest -lifeactivations.com (Rebecca Noel)

Comments on: "R your convictions being tested" (2)

  1. Life is good, you just have to be open to that aspect. Thanks Q. I am really drawn to that first pic – to walk that stoney pathway.

  2. velcro2424 said:

    Great message, great “shots”……….!

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