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What a wonderful holiday, what views, what excitement with each new place we “discovered”, it was one “wow”! after another, the fresh air, the under travelled roads, hidden treasures. wow, wow,wow!

Italy,Capri,Campania by claudiodelfuoco  flickrWhether we are driving the coast of Italy, or rounding a bend on the island of Cape Breton, Canada,Mother Nature never fails to amaze us with her awesome natural  sculptures that have been long in the making.

nova scotia, cape bretonHolidays, happen, they come and go, but the memories live on, the intoxications of the moment, the moments when words fail you, where  you simply have no   choice but to look out in wonder at what your eyes, mind,body, and soul are feeling. These moments are real, and will always be a part of you.

Italy,Monte Cristallo,Dolomites of Trentino

PL quote” Everything that happens to you is Material for Growth ”  Keep in touch with yourSelf, your desires, your memories that resonate within you.  They will keep you balanced, connected to God, grounded in nature….Keep in touch!

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

2nd & last photo Italy

last photo,Cristallo,Dolomites of Trentino

title,Dutch & English

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