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like bamboo

I will go my way

yesterday was yesterday

and today, will be today

such is the way

when all we do and say

is lived in one day

me you


namaste     –     oyashikiri


bamboo t emple,Hokoku-ji,kamakura,kanagawa

photo by koki konkdo Fivehundredpx

photo Damien Douxchamps

Comments on: "bamboo" (3)

  1. Liz Ciesluk said:

    Hi my friend, Did l have a shoe fairy come and visit me while Mickey and l were at the dog park?’nice. Lucky me. Sorry l missed you though. Shoes fit perfectly and l love them. How is your mom doing? Love and thanks from Lizzie

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I knew you would know who the fairy was..=^_^=

  3. a beautiful reminder to live in the moment for the only thing that really matters is the NOW. Thank you for a lovely poem and picture.

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