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silent night

in prayer

tonight, I bow my head in prayer

quiet meditation, allowing my thoughts to play back in my mind

yin yang

I learned today that another friend is dealing with cancer

I know that we can pray and feel we are not being answered

victor hugo

for those of us who are not dealing with  determined

angry cells in our body, and not afflicted by constant pain

discomfort and weariness

we can empathize, we can feel the anger, the frustration

but we will never know just how difficult it must be

turn off the brain

the best gift, the only guarantee that we will find our inner peace

is when we open our hearts to LOVE

cancer is a nasty disease, yes it is, it is fed by our own unease

to make time  for yourSELF

to honour your own BEing

is the first step towards a silent night

a quiet mind

and a true connection to LOVE/God..TAO/Nature

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

snow magic 3

quote accept, let go

Comments on: "silent night" (2)

  1. Beautiful. Real wisdom. Thank you.

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