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is there an answer

Cars no longer seen on the roads here, not in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Long retired, or set to pasture,

we see then only at car shows or on special occasions when their owners bring them out for show.   cuba retro rides

Yet in Cuba, cars no longer deemed fit for North American living, are seen all over the place.

In all honesty would I myself want to drive one every day all over the city when I’m running errands.

My first cars were standard shifts.  I loved them, they got me anywhere I wanted to go.

Now.. like many others, I drive an automatic, and, it seems that where in the past, one had to order a car with automatic drive, now it iw the other way around.

The morning was spent going through forgotten files, we are heading on a trip soon, and I wanted to clear up space, and make room for the new pictures that will come home with me.

Chevy Colorado 2015

I found this picture of a Chevy Colorado that I had searched out and saved.

Was this before we got the Honda, or after?

It is a beauty, my previous love was the Chevy. Avalanche but they stopped producing them in 2013.

I still turn my head when one drives by.

It seems to be a day of questions, what should I do does this need to be done before we leave?  Maybe I should make lunch?  hmmm what sounds tempting?  We all have such days, my remedy, or  solution to such days, is to take it moment by moment.

Sometimes I get a lot done that way, and other days, well… let’s just say,  Time passed, and before I knew it, tomorrow had arrived.

From little miss muffet sitting on her “tuffet” – as she waves her little paw, have a good day!


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



Comments on: "is there an answer" (2)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    You might be happy visiting Cuba, before the new cars start making their way in the country

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