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Wordless Wednesday – journey

truck tires a

tracks in the fresh fallen snow




Chev Truck -favourite finds & people

birthday-grillWhat is this?

It is a gift from my son,& his bf & partner, wonderful Brig,  who is patiently holding it so I can see it.  The question was did I want it all.  Hmmm tough decision.  In the end I went with the fender and logo.  I would have loved the whole truck grill, BUT I did have to be somewhat realistic.  I don’t live on land with lots and lots of room, we are on a city lot, walking distance from the city’s core.  It now sits in the living room where I can see it every day.

PL Principle # 3   have a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

I am grateful that my son and his Brig are so thoughtful, they are such blessings in my life.  I appreciate that he spared me going out to the metal yards to round this up for myself.   I was planning on have a go at going there with the tools to harvest whatever I could find.  But lovely Brig and he went out on their own, and found it for me. =^_^=

prince-edward-2011-sand-banksA day of adventure, at Ontario’s Sand Banks.  It was on the cool side, the summer tourist and cottage season over, the beach was a paradise of sand and surf.

prince-edward-sand-banks-2011There is something hauntingly beautiful about spending time on a beach that at times is so crowded with human energy, that it is buzzing…  and finding it quiet and peaceful.  The land simply “BEING”.

prince-edward-sandbanksWe will be heading out at the end of this week, to go where-ever the road leads.  I love my memories of a time that was, but I am keen to discover, the world that will unfold as we take roads less traveled in our quest for new places to appreciate and enjoy

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning point

Learn to appreciate all and everything in your life, everything happens for a reason.


A stop along the way

p1000383knock, knock

I knew no one was home

so I  took time to roam

explore, and  enjoy the decor

p1000381will you look at this doll

she’s had her doors done up out of wood

p1000377with no Chevy in sight

I turned to the Ford

I admit it had a charm

and, it wasn’t in a barn


this is the babe

who welcomed us in

when these ladies, give with the charm

I can’t help but beam

with delight

I raise a glass to the bad ass

owners who track them down

and give them new life

PL Precept #7    Everything exists in relativity

each picture, shows a piece of art, someone made time, to reconstruct, or build

these gems for us to enjoy.

on my part, appreciation, and gratitude is sent out to them for their time and efforts

just reliving my visit brought back a big smile.


Thursday Doors > 1952 2 door

52 classic ford 6.1_edited-1

out of the blue, I saw the truck of my dreams

the owner graciously let me admire and take pictures

What a beauty, 

thank you Jack!!

I even got to look inside

when he opened the door for me!

Doors.. you gotta love them…


PL Precept # I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

up on a hill


I found my thrill


check out the grill


Bonus, the owner when he got this  vehicle

got a second cab for it..


I was over the moon


To wander and discover

all there was to see that afternoon

would have been impossible to do

what time I did have

amongst the rusted tarnished metal

was pure and simple joy


each piece told a story

each shade of rust and weathered paint

presented me with a genuine

connection that I found intoxicating

my encounter with

the treasures

was not sophisticated art

but it animated

my heart

PL Precpt #1      Life is Art

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

found near Bennett Lake, Ontario

is there an answer

Cars no longer seen on the roads here, not in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Long retired, or set to pasture,

we see then only at car shows or on special occasions when their owners bring them out for show.   cuba retro rides

Yet in Cuba, cars no longer deemed fit for North American living, are seen all over the place.

In all honesty would I myself want to drive one every day all over the city when I’m running errands.

My first cars were standard shifts.  I loved them, they got me anywhere I wanted to go.

Now.. like many others, I drive an automatic, and, it seems that where in the past, one had to order a car with automatic drive, now it iw the other way around.

The morning was spent going through forgotten files, we are heading on a trip soon, and I wanted to clear up space, and make room for the new pictures that will come home with me.

Chevy Colorado 2015

I found this picture of a Chevy Colorado that I had searched out and saved.

Was this before we got the Honda, or after?

It is a beauty, my previous love was the Chevy. Avalanche but they stopped producing them in 2013.

I still turn my head when one drives by.

It seems to be a day of questions, what should I do does this need to be done before we leave?  Maybe I should make lunch?  hmmm what sounds tempting?  We all have such days, my remedy, or  solution to such days, is to take it moment by moment.

Sometimes I get a lot done that way, and other days, well… let’s just say,  Time passed, and before I knew it, tomorrow had arrived.

From little miss muffet sitting on her “tuffet” – as she waves her little paw, have a good day!


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



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