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no tresspassing

doors 2 IMG_1585

that is what the sign says

looking at the doors

I want in

sometimes  in life

the words

and the visual

just don’t “jive”

PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

These doors – say “Happy”

Maybe someday they will once more open in


PL Precept #7   Everything exists in relativity

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Thursday Doors – Mohawk Territory" (9)

  1. What an unusual door, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey – I like so much about these doors – the red rails leading up to it and the handles and that stick lock (not sure what the name of it is) – such a unique vibe – 😎

  3. Love the windows! Looks as though the building has moved a bit from when it was built if the angle of the doors to the frame is any indication.


    • the owner of the gift shop and that building has connected with me via Twitter, I’m going to try to get back that way.. see if I can arrange a look around.. the place was very intriguing

  4. Very original – those big worn wooden handles and the glass work in those windows make for a unique set of doors. Nice find, thanks for sharing.

  5. appears whoever closed up the place was making sure something couldn’t get out. :0

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