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I poste this before, I feel it could easily apply today too, and of course my precious is still her beautiful self =^_^=


PL teaching day 25 > Let’s First Accept and Appreciate things as They Are. Even when dealing with someone you don’t like or when you are facing an uncomfortable situation, take a moment to first accept whatever comes your way.  There is always something that you can learn from these situations.  Let’s First Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.

There is a pure essence of innocence in all of  us. When we were children our actions were not to achieve for  some ulterior motive, we simply acted on our intuition.  Today looking in a mirror and seeing myself  in an outfit that hugged my figure, I realized that I had to be more accepting of my outline, and  appreciate my healthy body. Looking in the mirror, reminded me of a story recently published in the Portuguese newsletter (Jornal Perfeita Liberdade) from Brazil, (Feb.2013 issue) no matter how many…

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