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We can only wonder at the creative mind that pulled this all together.  what a hoot it must have been to drive up and meet the people here, possibly someone somewhere will know more about this location, and contact me.  Meanwhile…. I enjoy the little surprises as i revisit the pictures.


Both my husband and our friend Syb, were reminded of Stephen King’s writing when they saw the pictures. I personally have not read a lot of Stephen King, what do you think?


I know Norm, I know, tomorrow is Thursday, but as you can see, this door from the building is very standard issue. the one that was super cool was the one at the front, where they drove cars in and out from.


Dorinda, Elusive, does this place inspire a storyline?  Anyone from Maine that knows anything about this place.. I’d love to hear from you.

Always be open to new discoveries, and when you find a piece of history that speaks to you…. enjoy it!

PL Precept #1      Life is Art



Comments on: "yes it is still Wednesday -but a Thursday door is in this post!" (4)

  1. I take it that the artist is not in residence. Did you ask at any of the local places, like the post office, store or gas station?

  2. Are you asking me? Or do you know another Dorinda? ☺️ Everything inspires a storyline!! It’s a very cool building. Would love to know the story behind it. 😊

    • nope, you’re it =^_^= I’ve since found it is for sale, seems last acitivity on their web page is back in 2013 It is in Ellsworth, Maine on Route 1A heading towards Bar Harbor.. I’m still trying to get some background, it was used for antique auto sales

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