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When I saw this picture, I had to look twice, it was on a Pinterest feed, but you can see on it, it originally came from Facebook. Text was on it, you are seeing the photo exactly as it was sent to me.


Does this picture ring any bells for you?  Can you relate to this picture.  How long ago do you think this was?  I don’t think it was really all that long ago.  I do recall seeing old replays of television shows where people had to go to where-ever the phone was to answer it.  Often, there was only one phone to a household.

I do have a cell phone .. but confess to often forgetting it at home, or not having it where I can access it.  In fact, I prefer meeting up with a friend, and chatting in person. It is true with cell phones, and Skype, we can communicate with family, friends and do business using the internet or cell phones more conveniently.  But do I consider it an improvement on the quality of life?.

Any thoughts?

smilePencil  Maybe, just maybe, some of you, don’t know what the kid is doing?

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  1. Could be mid 1960s. Also, note the cuffs on her jeans. A friend gave me a smart phone for Christmas but I have yet to use it. I too prefer face to face communications and enjoy being aware of my surroundings while out and about.

  2. I remember the phones with cords lol. I agree with Craig’s estimation on the timeframe. I miss the simpler times because these complicated times, even with more ways to “connect” feel lonelier than ever before at times. We have a very “hollow” connection with most people today, least I do living in a small town. Much love to you today.

  3. I remember it well. You purchased a certain length cord and then it got stretched and twisted and never returned to its original length. 🙂

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