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Ephemeral New York

brassclockwikiSince Grand Central Terminal opened in 1913, “meet me under the clock” has always meant one place: the magnificent four-faced brass timepiece on top of the information booth in the main concourse.

This iconic clock isn’t Grand Central largest or most commanding. That might be the Tiffany clock on the 42nd Street facade, the largest stained-glass Tiffany clock in the world.

But the “golden” concourse clock, as it was called in a 1954 New York Times story about the clock’s restoration, might be the most valuable, to the tune of $20 million.


It’s not the brass that makes it so pricey. The four 24-inch wide faces are made out of opal glass.

grandcentralclocktwilightThat, as well as its history and the workmanship of the clock (built by plainly named Self-Winding Clock Company of Brooklyn!) have reportedly led appraisers from Sotheby’s and Christie’s to value it at $10-$20 million.

The clock…

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Comments on: "The $20 million jewel in Grand Central Terminal" (4)

  1. Moz Loordes said:

    Wow, that’s an amazing clock!

    • yes, and seeing it, is rather a thrill too.. I’ve only seen it once, that was years ago.. I still remember the awe at being there.

  2. Unlike you staying beside of that clock I even did not guess it is so unique and expensive piece of Art. Next time will pay more attention and spend more time to see it.

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