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Thursday Doors 4.6.17


This was a house that I have longed to see up close and personal, yesterday I found a way to do that.   Thanks to my husband, we made the time to turn right instead of our usual left, and voila, a road where none had been visible to us before.


I had a wonderful time, not having the proper footwear, I didn’t venture inside, or up the stairs, but did get some more pictures which I will share with you perhaps tomorrow.


Have a great day everyone.. the world around here is enjoying and April shower.  No matter sunshine fills our hearts..

Blessings – Oyashikiri

Comments on: "Thursday Doors 4.6.17" (8)

  1. You and I could have a great time doing this – I miss this from my childhood. There are so many untold stories in these places!

  2. That texture from the peeling paint really sets the mood on these shots.

    • this place has been on my list for some time.. I’m not sure, but I think I got to the place before the bull dozers.. I’m putting the other pictures up in a bit. Sad.. the location had to have been a sweet spot.. before the super highway..

  3. I love going through old places like this, trying to imagine the stories and the lives that have passed through… Glad you and your husband took the road to the right this trip!!

  4. I really like the last shot of the doorknob. Great that you could get close and see inside.


    • thanks Janet, I wish I had been better prepared with a work boot, so that I could have gone in.. but alas… I had not expected to get that close and personal.. waves across the miles

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