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Portuguese Water dog, also known as Porti, or PWD, prayer garden 4.18.12 026

This is our current Porti, she is now a senior, and as spoiled as ever.  Hard to get her eye action, but she is and will always be a charmer.  The breeder didn’t name her Canaille without reason,  I tried to find her pictures from the days she was winning ribbons, but they elude me.

2012-10-18 2012-10-18 001 001

Thanks for asking to see more of Canaille, she is the apple of my eye.. my one and only… =^_^=   .. and of course… I am smitten.

Blessings…  Have a wonderful week.  Imagine, we are almost through the week.  In Canada this will be a long week-end coming up.  This is the time when gardeners get serious.  Really serious.

Winnie quote 2

Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday -PWD -Porti" (6)

  1. Love you from the time you were 10 girl, have a great week-end…. be good to you and everyone you come in contact with. Love flows and returns like a wave!

  2. Your apple is a fine one!! What a beautiful dog she is! Thanks for sharing pictures of her 🙂

  3. Moz Loordes said:

    Awwws, thank you for showing us more photos of Canaille – she is a charmer! I have never seen that breed before. Her face is a bit like the Old English Sheepdog but her fur must repel water as it’s a lot more sturdy.

    • That dear friend is hair.. she does not shed, she needs a hair cut just like we do .. and her “hair” mats like wool, it can be used for felting if one is so inclined Former president of the USA (Obama) had two, they have wonderful personaliities, Canaille was the breeder’s own dog, however, her “stubborn” streak didn’t make for a good show dog in competitions, it was with a heavy heart that she let me adopt her, and that was only after, she met with me and saw that Canaille and I bonded. I was very blessed. She has brought me much joy.

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