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Thursday Doors – NH

P1000706 (1)

knock …knock…

you can knock all you want

but you can’t come in…

P1000725 (1)

so you found me

you can look but you can’t see

Someone was here before you

you need only look to find the clue


shuttered and closed, I may be

but still I leave you with history

you can see it, just by looking at me

P1000720 (1)

I can be found anywhere

you need only dare

to look beyond the main streets

please believe that I still live and breathe

behind the door, you will see my core

the memory of another time

still lives within the walls behind the door

my floors still wear the marks of what was,

in the many years before, I am waiting

please, don’t stare, come in… and close the door.


Comments on: "Thursday Doors – NH" (22)

    • Thank you Cindy, always a pleasure when you drop in.. it was great fun exploring and discovering the old buildings, for me they are like hidden gems.. =^_^=

  1. That Green one with the peeling paint is just my kind of door. Great set of images. :>)

  2. Great photos. Shingle heaven.

  3. These doors are great, and the poetry is perfectly wonderful!

    • muah…. I was just admiring your doors.. I used to love paddling down a shoreline and seeing the “water” side of life. Have a good one.. thanks!!!

  4. These are great pictures and I like what you wrote to go with them. I love exploring old buildings like this – memory is in the walls!

  5. Still trying to figure out if that second door is being covered or uncovered. Great gallery of buildings asking for love. 🙂


  6. Love the old buildings and doors!

    • I’m always thrilled when I make a discovery, it never gets “old hat”.. sometimes, I see it, but can’t get to it… sigh.. I know.. a telephoto is ok, but I like to get up close and personal if I can

  7. Wow you found some fascinating old places here. Small towns in NH can make for some interesting discoveries. I’ve always been drawn to old abandoned places as much as well-maintained ones.

  8. Just an ole friend saying hello and wishing you well…….winks

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